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Wuhan Bingkun Technology Co., Ltd.
복합 전문 공급업체
주요 제품:자동차 젤 좌석 쿠션, 태양 라디오 손전등, 자동차 진공 청소기, 헬멧 와이퍼, 자동차 식품 트레이
Customization From SamplesCompany Industry Experience(3 Year)Customization From DesignsFull Customization

Bingkun is a professional manufacturer and
exporter with more than years of experiences
in Bike/Car Accessories .
10 years of experience in cooperating with customers all over the world
10 years experiece in logistics including courier air freight sea freight customs
8 years of personalized customized products and showroom promotion
Understand the category technology of various auto parts and bicycles,
Including production process, purchasing
We are located in the central area of central China 
and have strong product development capabilities
All our products comply with international standards, quality standards,
And it is highly appreciated in all aspects
From the moment we start communicating, 
you have become a trusted resource and partner